Cutting Weight and Winning Big with George Lockhart, UFC Weight Cutting Specialist.

George Lockhart is a nutritionist, MMA fighter, US marine, gym owner, and UFC Weight Cutting Specialist. Lockhart's attention to detail and emphasis on safety and nutrition is what separates him from his competitors. He has helped thousands of people both reach their weight goals by guiding them through their nutritional needs.





Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How George Lockhart started as a US Marine and ended up as a nutrition specialist for top athletes
  • Why athletes choose to work with George over other groups who also help fighters cut their weight
  • George explains his Win-Win strategy and why you need to gain muscles in order to lose more weight
  • George shares what it was like working with Tyson Fury
  • The challenges that come with working with high-level athletes and fighters
  • George talks about how his nutrition plan helped Drew Dobber in preparing for his fight
  • The difference between a...
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