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Our mission is to connect 300,000 pain sufferers, through proven, compliant and targeted marketing to the most dedicated providers in the world between September 2019 and September 2022.


Growth-focused digital marketing solutions.

Taking a holistic approach to your digital marketing is critical in order to convert leads to paying customers. After specializing in paid search for over 5 years, our digital marketing agency has continued to evolve and create additional digital marketing solutions based on the needs of our clients. Managing millions of dollars in ad spend and hundreds of client campaigns provided us the knowledge of the importance of developing better customer journeys.

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"“Before using Gray Marketing our service line was doing $10,000-15,000 a month and after 30-45 days with them, I remember we collected over $100,000 that month in that same service line; directly related to the marketing they did for us."

Dr. Martin Jones
Clinic Director - Williamson County Integrative Medicine

"So I knew that if I just had a couple of stem cell patients more from the training, then it was going to pay for itself. What I really wanted to know is for somebody to not give me the proverbial fish but I wanted somebody to teach me how to actually fish. I think that what he discussed with the close, and how he goes about doing his close, in the wording that he uses and what not. It is brilliant. I will certainly be implementing that immediately."

Dr. Brandon Pettke
Clinic Director - Lone Star Progressive Medicine

"I was somewhat doubtful. I’ve been to some seminars before where it seemed they promised a lot but never delivered. This is different. This is Big Picture stuff. This is life-changing stuff. It was more than worth it, coming down to the seminar. Doing a seminar for three days allowed me to expand and re-ignite some of the dreams I had that I’ve let go. This is money well spent. You’re going to make ten times more money after getting this information and implementing what he teaches you."

Dr. Jim O'Reilly
Owner - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine of Ohio

"We started using Gray Marketing this year. I know our seminars have grown every month, and our income has grown every month since then. We’ve been very happy about it. Our biggest challenge was just getting people to the seminar. We just didn’t have the volume of leads. The number one thing is they got people to respond to ads. They also got better leads ((show rate, etc). Dr Scot Gray has found a way to multiply the business. It opens your eyes to some of the things that are possible."

Dr. Brandon Bupp
Owner - Advanced Health & Wellness Center

"I came to the seminar looking for someone to automate how to put patients in my clinic. Gray Marketing was presenting a way that they could automate that for us. We went through a whole process of how to break down the seminar, and he taught us what to do. His presentation was so spot-on. What I like is that he has taken his life coaches, that he has paid for and learned from, and he has taken little nuggets of each of these, then he teaches us these little nuggets and puts it into the presentation. So what I got from this, that I didn’t expect, was I literally just hired the top business minds in the world. The presentation was the most encompassing business training mentality that I’ve ever been to."

Dr. Darcy Brunk
Stem Cell Educator

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