In Pursuit of A Dream with Dr. Scot Gray, CEO of Gray Marketing Enterprises.

Dr. Scot Gray is the founder of several health care businesses including regenerative health centers such as Stem Cell One in Central Ohio, as well as Gray Marketing Enterprises where he helps patients connect with healthcare offices all over the US. They've connected over 100,000 patients with the perfect doctors in their area over the last 15 years.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Scot shares how he got started with regenerative medicine. 
  • How does regenerative medicine give patients hope?
  • Why Dr. Scot  discusses why he is so passionate about regenerative medicine
  • Dr. Scot explains how regenerative works and what its benefits are
  • What is Dr. Scot’s onboarding process for new clients?
  • The value of marketing advice for healthcare professionals and their businesses
  • Coaches and mentors who have greatly influenced Dr. Scot 

In this episode...

At what point do you say to yourself that...

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