Orlando Magic and Walt Disney: How Vision Can Make Dreams Come True

Pat Williams is a basketball Hall of Famer and is the Co-founder of the Orlando Magic. He is one of the top motivational speakers in the US and he has authored over 100 books including How to be like Walt and Lead Like Walt.

Pat is a visionary leader and has over 50 years of learning and writing about great leaders, including Walt Disney which has been a massive inspiration for how he approaches leading a team.





Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Pat Williams shares how he started as the general manager to the 76ers to being the founder of Orlando Magic 
  • He talks about the role of community feedback to the establishment of Orlando Magic then and now with the establishment of Orlando Dreamers
  • Why Pat considers Walt Disney as his mentor and what it means for his business
  • Why Pat believes that being a visionary can be learned and how it can fuel a great leader to do remarkable things
  • Pat...
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