How To Go from $673 to $100 Million in Under Ten Years Like Rylee Meek, Founder and CEO The Social Dynamic Selling System

Rylee Meek is the Founder and CEO of The Social Dynamic Selling System, which has flipped the concepts of dinner marketing on its head by turning sales into science. He went from having $673 in his bank account after a failed venture to a multi-hundred million dollar company in just ten years. He has created a selling system that helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve higher revenues each year.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Rylee Meek talks about how he had just $670 in his pocket to starting his company, The Social Dynamic Selling System
  • The initial business mistakes Rylee made and what he learned from them
  • How do you find the next big product?
  • The role of markets shifting online and the importance of connection and growth tracking to success
  • How can you craft your message to get leads and land clients?
  • Rylee talks about his new book, Food for Thought, and how to use dinner seminar marketing to grow your business


In this episode…

What if your next business venture started with dinner? Dinner seminar marketing has gained a lot of traction over the last few decades because it offers the unique opportunity to learn about new ideas and the possible added value it can provide to the market. Rylee Meek used the model and influence of dinner seminar marketing to grow his business from a minor startup in home improvement appliances to the multi-million-dollar company that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

In this week's episode, Dr. Scot Gray talks with Rylee Meek, Founder and CEO of The Social Dynamic Selling System, where he shares how he created and grew his business by capitalizing on human interaction and reading economic trends and the importance of what you say to other people and how it can help you gain leads and land sales. Stay tuned. 

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