Facebook and Online Marketing Blueprint A-Z

My entire 12 years of testing in my own office wrapped into one course that I have created specifically for chiropractors.

Do you want the whole enchilada of how I do online marketing?

Before you answer, I want you to know one thing about this course. This course has been created by me, a chiropractor who has used this marketing for my own practice and for a lot of other docs around the country that we have done marketing for. This is NOT just guesswork or theory, these are the real results of what has worked, and how you can do it too in your area.

Here's what you get in this course:

 MODULE 1: How To Create A Lead Magnet: the first thing you have to know how to do, is get someone's attention. There is a battle going on for everyone's attention and you must know what "bait" to use to get them to stop and listen to what you have to say. In this section, you will discover:

     - Get the 30,000 foot view of the grand scheme of online marketing in today's cluttered world

     - Discover how to get in the mind of your customer... very deep in their mind so that you will know exactly what to offer them to get them in your office.

     - How to create lead magnet Headlines that will stop Facebook scrolling in a split-second. That is what you have to do. You have to get them to stop scrolling and read, watch, or listen to your message.

     - The easiest way to create YOUR lead magnet in a few simple steps.

 MODULE 2: The Machine That Creates A Consistent Flow of New Patients: This section will show you how to automate your marketing so you don't have to spend all of your time on it. Set it, and forget it!

     - How to create High Converting Landing pages

     - Creating your Thank You Page (where you can actually create more sales for your practice)

     - How to edit videos on Mac or PC to create Video Sales Letters

     - How to Host and Upload Your Video Sales Letters

     - How To Create A Download Page (for a free report, free video, or free white paper)

     - How To Connect an AutoResponder (email) To Your Thank You Page

     - How to Set Up A Video Sales Letter in a Landing Page Software

     - How To Create an Opt-In Page.

     - And more...

 MODULE 3: Facebook Advertising Tutorials 

     - Compliance and Use of Images with Facebook (Avoid getting 2 accounts shut down like me by learning this ahead of time)

     - ReActivation Campaigns with Facebook 

     - How to Retarget on Facebook

     - How to Boost a Post on Facebook

     - How to Create Images for Facebook Ads (Includes an image sizing infographic)

 MODULE 4: A DEEP Dive Into Patient Value Optimization (based on a $10,000 training I did with Ryan Deiss in Austin, TX). In this module you will learn:

     - What Patient Value Optimization Is All About and Why It Is So Important To Your Practice

     - How To Optimize Your "Funnel" (and what that actually means to you)

     - Determining How Your Office Fits With Your Specific Marketplace.

     - How to Optimize Your Lead Magnet to Double Your Leads.

     - How To Create An Amazing Offer To Double How Many Leads Come Into Your Office.

     - How To Create a Way To Maximize Value of Each Patient - By Giving Them More Of What They Want and Need.

     - The Invisible Selling Machine and How It Can Work For You.

 MODULE 5: Promoting and Boosting Facebook Post's For Tons of New Patients. In this module you will discover:

     - Why and What To Boost.

     - The Benefits of Boosted Post's vs Facebook Ads

     - Building A Post For Promos and Friendly Landing Pages

     - Advanced Custom Audience and Pixel Secrets

     - Promoted Post Stat Tracking and Google Analytics

BONUSES:  I have 3 Unannounced bonuses that you'll have to get the course to find out about. HINT: You'll learn how to write copy, sell and persuade better, and understand using video to sell.

This is my A to Z Facebook and online advertising blueprint. Everything you need to go from novice to pro in just a few short weeks. Or, have your staff do it. Either way, you'll be able to create a consistent flow of new patients on automation.


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