Patient Value Optimization

Welcome to the course that will transform your practice by increasing the number of leads you get, the number of new ...

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The Mindset That Will Unleash YOU and Your Practice

Find out how to think at a whole new level to transform your practice, your community, and your life

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Advanced Facebook Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

This is the fundamental course if you want to get re-activations in your office using Facebook, as well as get new pa...

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How To Get 62 Leads in 30 Days

Would you like to see the ads, copy and setup of our campaign that created 62 new patient request's in just 30 days.....

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Creating Video Sales Letters That Create Practice Wealth

There is no better way to educate prospects before they come into your office than a video sales letter. Why does th...

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Facebook and Online Marketing Blueprint A-Z

My entire 12 years of testing in my own office wrapped into one course that I have created specifically for chir...

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