Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Randy Davis, Founder of WAM

Randy Davis is a serial entrepreneur who has established 19 businesses, with 18 of those growing into successful seven and eight-figure numbers. He is a trusted advisor for top business, both nationally and internationally who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Randy is the creator of the Bootstrap Billionaire Program, the Founder of WAM (Walk Away Millionaire), and the leader of the Elite 30 Program.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Randy Davis describes growing and starting his first business and what he learned in the process
  • Randy’s advice on how to reach your goal even with limited resources
  • What is Randy’s Results Through Others (RTO) principle and how can it grow your business?
  • The importance of creating a culture with high standards that’s uncomfortable for slackers
  • How and where to find great sales people 
  • Randy explains how he builds businesses while working only 30 hours a week
  • The value of using your time wisely to meet your goals
  • Randy explains what he does in his 30-minute break in between productivity sprints 
  • Why proper productivity means doing fewer things with bigger results
  • Randy's top advice to someone growing their business: set out to be a master of your mind


In this episode…

What does failure teach us about business? How can we use the lessons we learn along the way to further our view of ourselves and of what it means to build a successful company? Randy Davis, "The Wizard of Business Development," has helped countless entrepreneurs learn from their failures and create a mindset that allows them to grow, succeed, and thrive in business. 

Randy is a serial entrepreneur and a trusted business advisor who has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He created the Bootstrap Billionaire program that allows people to start their journey towards being the master of their own minds.

In this week's episode of Top Minds, Dr. Scot Gray interviews his friend, Randy Davis, Founder of WAM and The Bootstrap Billionaire Program, about his journey into the business world and the characteristics he used to succeed. He breaks down the nuances of networking with others who can help you craft your tale, the importance of creating a work culture that has high standards, and his top advice for people who want to grow their business. Stay tuned. 

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