Stem Cells and Autoimmune Disease in Tijuana Mexico with Dr. Omar Pizano, attending physician at CHIPSA Hospital

chipsa dr. omar pizano Jul 29, 2020

Dr. Omar Pizano is an attending physician at CHIPSA Hospital, a member of the CHIPSA Tumor Board in Tijuana, Mexico, and a part of the stem cell program. CHIPSA Hospital is known for its incredible work using integrative and alternative medicine with late-stage cancer patients.

Dr. Pizano has helped countless patients with their battle against cancer and has even created an innovative medical device that aids the treatment of late-stage cancer patients. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What are stem cells and how can they help in treatment?
  • Dr. Pizano describes his transition to CHIPSA Hospital
  • Where do conventional medicine and alternative medicine intersect?
  • The benefits of stem cell treatment
  • Dr. Pizano talks about the Stem Cell Advisory Board at CHIPSA
  • What is the process of treating a patient with an autoimmune disease?

In this episode…

The health industry has rapidly started shifting its approach to alternative medicine in recent years. While many doctors have taken a more holistic approach to medicine, like stem cells, diet moderation, and light exercise such as yoga or walking, there are still many who doubt the benefits of alternative medicine. Dr. Omar Pizano hopes to change this skepticism with his work on stem cell research at CHIPSA Hospital. 

Stem cells could be the cure for autoimmune disease. In this week's episode of Top Minds, host Dr. Scot Gray sits down to talk with Dr. Omar Pizano, attending physician at CHIPSA Hospital. They discuss success stories with stem cell treatment, the hope for late-stage cancer, and changing the stigma about alternative medicine. Dr. Pizano also talks about what drew him to CHIPSA Hospital and his aspirations for treating other autoimmune diseases with the power of stem cells.

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