Regenerative Medicine from a Neurologist and Neurosurgeon's Perspective

Dr. Gunwant Mallik is a neurosurgeon from Westerville, Ohio who is affiliated with various hospitals including Mount Carmel West Hospital and Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital. He was the Director of Neuroscience and Neurological Trauma from 2001 to 2006 at Grant Medical Center in Ohio. Dr. Mallik is considered as one of the leaders in the country in Neurosurgery particularly because of the techniques that he uses.

Dr. Mallik graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine with a specialization in neurosurgery in 1987.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Gunwant Mallik shares why he decided to use regenerative medicine in his practice as a neurosurgeon
  • How Dr. Mallik uses stem cells for pain treatment in post-surgery care
  • Dr. Mallik discusses the drawbacks of using cortisone shots and the lack of research backing its efficacy and safety
  • Dr. Mallik explains why he believes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections will phase out cortisone shots
  • What Dr. Mallik tells patients who prefer to use cortisone because of insurance coverage
  • Dr. Mallik talks about what he is most excited about in regenerative medicine within his practice

In this episode…

Regenerative medicine offers patients a more holistic and effective way of treating their medical issues. And as more studies around its benefits are being conducted, medical specialists in different fields have become more confident about suggesting them to their patients as an alternative to more common, but not necessarily more effective, treatment options. One of them is Dr. Gunwant Mallik.

Dr. Mallik is a neurosurgeon from Ohio and has been incorporating regenerative medicine into his practice. He believes that patients need to know what all their options are so they can make an informed decision that will lead them to improved health.

Join Dr. Scot Gray in this episode of Top Minds as he interviews Dr. Gunwant Mallik about how he has incorporated regenerative medicine in his practice as a neurosurgeon. Dr. Mallik also discusses the studies supporting the use of PRP as opposed to cortisone shots and the challenge posed by insurance companies for patients who might be considering the use of PRP as their preferred treatment option. Stay tuned.

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