Get Out Of Your Own Way To Scale Your Business with Vinnie Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of Fully Accountable

Vinnie FisherVinnie Fisher is the CEO and co-founder of Fully Accountable, a company that provides outsourced accounting and finance services that helps e-commerce and digital companies to use data to make better decisions and scale according to their clients. His company, which was established in 2015, has been named one of the best places to work in the US and has recently made the INC 5000 list 2019 ranking 26th place. With his help, companies have grown with higher profit margins and an understanding of their budget and marketing capabilities.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Vinnie Fisher explains the mission and vision of his company, Fully Accountable
  • The principle of being okay with 70% of yourself and how it can help you grow your business
  • The importance of a team that thinks critically and how leaders can avoid micromanaging
  • Vinnie talks about the two biggest lesson that he has learned that allowed him to develop so many businesses
  • The importance of making time to grow your business
  • The most common big mistakes people do when it comes to financial decisions
  • How businesses should view their revenue and how the different ways it can be generated
  • The value of mastering the simple stuff
  • Vinnie shares how he reads books and why it’s so helpful

In this episode…

How do you use financial literacy and accountability to grow your business? What factors do you take into account when you’re about to start working with a new client, start a new marketing campaign, or when you’re just about to hire a new employee? If you aren't analyzing your data to make informed business decisions and to scale your business according to its fullest potential, then you’re definitely missing out on new leads and revenue. And Vinnie Fisher has made it his mission to help businesses take control of their finances in order to help enterprises take control of their finances and grow. 

Join us in this week's episode of Top Minds, as Dr. Scot Gray interviews Vinnie Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of Fully Accountable. Discover how he grew his business and how he helps others do the same for their own businesses, the importance of cultivating critical thinking in your team, the different ways to generate revenue, and how to capitalize on the tools and budget to reach maximum growth. Vinnie also mentions how listeners of the show can get resources for free so make sure to tune in.

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