Building Your Practice with Innovation and Care, with Dr. Damon Walton, Co-Founder of Activate Metabolics

Dr. Damon Walton is a chiropractor, a healthcare entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder of ChiroSystems and Activate Metabolics. He opened his first practice in 1997 and quickly grew to one of the biggest in Illinois, having grown from one to 10 clinics in just four years. He co-founded ChiroSystems and he was responsible for the launch, growth, and sale of over 75 practices all across the country. After leaving that franchise model, he launched Lifetime Metabolic Program which has grown rapidly since its inception and is now known as Activate Metabolic. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dr. Damon Walton recalls how he got started in chiropractic medicine
  • How your ability to pivot and innovate will determine whether or not you will succeed. 
  • Why combining the right models to treat your patients' core needs is more important than a simple adjustment.
  • Dr. Walton discusses the use of genetics testing to help patients with their weight loss goals.
  • The shift to telehealth and how it can benefit clients and treatment plans 
  • Dr. Walton talks about how he manages his work/life balance. 
  • How can mentors help you to grow as an individual?
  • Dr. Walton explains how his faith has sustained him.
  • Balancing between introverted and extroverted leadership approaches


In this episode…

In times of change and crisis, your ability to innovate and pivot is a crucial factor in whether or not your business will survive. The wherewithal to know what your patients truly need, whether it is an adjustment or a new health program to help them with inflammation, is paramount in building doctor-client relationships that matter. And Dr. Damon Walton, co-founder of Activate Metabolics and a chiropractor for more than 20 years, wants to bridge and address doctor-client relationship concerns and he helps clients to grow their chiropractic practices and health centers. 

In this weeks' episode of Top Minds, Dr. Scot Gray talks with Dr. Damon Walton of Activate Metabolics about his practice as a chiropractor and his knack for helping other practices grow and maintain healthy connections with their patients. They discuss the pitfalls and success of developing a practice, Dr. Walton's ability to innovate ahead of time, the importance of balancing the right models to address core patient needs, and more. Stay tuned.

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