Bringing Together Conventional and Alternative Medicine with Ed Clay of CHIPA Hospital and United Cancer Centers

chipa ed clay Apr 22, 2020

Ed Clay is a pioneer in direct response internet marketing, a former MMA fighter ranking 9th in the world, and the owner of CHIPSA Hospital. He and his partners, Scott Nelson and Deddrick Perry, acquired CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico where they help patients by providing alternative treatment options at a fraction of the cost in the US while also trying to find ways to improve the cancer management issues in the country. Ed is also the President of United Cancer Centers located in Las Vegas where they applied the Right to Try Act into their model in a bid to help end-stage cancer patients get access to a combination of conventional and alternative treatment


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ed Clay talks about his history with mixed martial arts and how he pivoted into entrepreneurship from there
  • What inspired Ed to acquire CHIPSA
  • Ed touches on the Right to Try Act and the launch of United Cancer Centers
  • The challenges of bringing together conventional and alternative medicine
  • Ed talks about some of the stand out cases they handled in CHIPSA
  • Ed discusses how United Cancer Centers can revolutionize and address the cancer management crisis in the US
  • The difference between clinical trials and the Right to Try option offered by United Cancer Centers
  • The patient profile that United Cancer Centers aims to cater to
  • Ed shares why he’s proud to have the courage to face challenges head on which led to CHIPSA

In this episode…

Finding hope in the late stages of cancer can be extremely difficult. Most treatment centers within the US are still trying to come up with an effective way to treat cancer, and to some, they are just not doing enough and probably, not giving enough options. Ed Clay hopes to change this by introducing alternative options to end-stage cancer patient, leveraging the Right to Try Act passed under the Trump administration in the United Cancer Centers that he co-founded in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has brought together conventional and traditional medicine in his hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, CHIPSA Hospital, and he wishes to do the same in the US to address the cancer management crisis here and to provide patients a fighting chance. 

In this week's episode of Top Minds, Dr. Scot Gray interviews Ed Clay, former MMA fighter and CEO of CHIPSA Hospital and United Cancer Centers, as they talk about the importance of the Right to Try Act and how it can change the medical landscape in the country. Ed goes into detail about how he shifted from MMA to medical entrepreneurship, the challenges of bringing together conventional and alternative medicine, his inspiration for the move and his resolution to provide options to end-stage cancer patients in the US, and why he is a believer in using integrative immunotherapy as a treatment option. Stay Tuned.

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