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"Taking less insulin each day because of nutritional program. Don't have to use lidocaine spray on my feet anymore. More feeling in my feet. Burning in my feet is less frequent. Would recommend to anyone who is suffering from neuropathy. "

Jim Downard
Neuropathy Patient- After 5 weeks of treatment

"Numbness is less. Easier to walk longer distances. Feels more confident when going out in public and being active around the house. Sleeping more throughout the night."

Van Ambrose
After Completing Treatment

"Best I've felt overall in the last 3 years. I can walk better and play with my kids. Pain level has decreased and I'm feeling the microcurrent."

Richard Wilson
Neuropathy Patient- After 6 weeks of treatment

"Getting through the house without holding onto walls. Going shopping now. More energetic and painting the deck again. Volunteering to go out of the house."

Cathy Talik
Neuropathy Patient- After 6 weeks of treatment

"Walking is getting easier. Standing up straight. It is working. Pain is getting less and I'm getting feeling back in my feet. "

Jacquelyn Monroe
Neuropathy Patient- 5 weeks after treatment

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